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Successful You!

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Meet Coach Jordan

Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker & Author

"I helps students elevate in school life and their career."

Coach Jordan is a must-see motivational speaker for your school event, both in person and virtual event, who will transform your teams and employees with his courageous outlook on their personal and professional lives.

Growth Mindset
Starts Here



Coaching that prepares you for next steps produces confidence.


Are you a trailblazer or a pathfinder?

Discovering your strengths provides motivation.


Get help prioritizing what matters most and FOCUS!


Attaching yourself to a vision for greatness provides much needed direction.

College Library

Career Coaching
That Gives You A Plan

Get The
Career  Playbook

Breaks down your mindset and your super powers like a playbook and helps you find direction. 

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Coming Soon

OCT. 7th
"Coach Caleb is amazing. Very powerful & Smackville was Epic! Great examples from personal experience. He speaks to the heart about real life situations and actions."

Alexa Young


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Phone Number: (912) 850-7486  /     Email:

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