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Realize Your

Full Potential

Caleb S. Jordan is a Career Coach, influencer, and transformational leader who is passionate about developing young leaders and unleashing the greatness within.


Caleb is a charismatic speaker with a burning desire to help people realize their full potential.

Being called a motivational storyteller, his
inspirational personal story coupled with his
passionate delivery style resonates with all ages.


Caleb pushes people to do better, be
better, and live better lives challenging them to
change their work ethic towards accomplishing goals.

Career Coaching & Consulting 

In the past two years he started a fast growing non-profit Mission 3E and launched Innovative Career Coaching & Consulting to help people gain control of life, direction and next steps to birthing greatness.


For most his life he started and mentored youth organizations in higher education , churches, government agencies, harnessing the power of creating long lasting relationships to build
highly successful programs in the state. Helping
students discover clear career path and flow in
their gift.

I know What It Feels

Like To Be Lost 

I know what it feels like to be lost, 
uncertain of the future, and in fear of failure.

At the age of 19, I flunked out of college with 0.64 GPA and spent majority of my college career on academic probation. I was labeled as young man that wouldn’t make out of South Georgia. I know what it feels like to not see yourself out of your current situation. 


My life changed the moment, I realized the pain of change will always outweigh regret. I stopped comparing myself to other people and starting fueling my passion, and gift.  Our life is simply how we perceive it to be and through career coaching my life changed. Innovative Coaching & Consulting
was created to give young people like me purpose and vision. When you walk in your purpose you collide with destiny.

Mr. Jordan did an excellent job in helping me get back in the right track! The advice and guidelines he gave me to follow has helped my life tremendously and I would not be the person I am today without this program.

Jeremiah G

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