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Smackville Music, Inc. offers transformational and inspiring music rally programs that engage, enlighten, and empower students to elevate in school, life, and career.  


To help young students elevate to connect their dreams through education and aspire students to be the difference daily.

“Aspire to Inspire”. 

(Commonly referred as Motivational Music School Rally)
We offer three levels of immersive programs:

Back-2-School Rally
(Middle Grades/High School) 1 Hour

(“Find your Rhythm”- the purpose of this program is to motivate and empower students to have a purpose, set goals, and develop a growth mindset. This rally will be filled with inspirational music, student engagement, and real-life stories from speakers:

(Caleb S Jordan, Kristoff Cohran, and much more) 

PUMP UP Test Rally Elementary/Middle Grades (April) 1 Hour

Theme: “We Will Pass It"

The purpose of this program is to uplift, and empower students to increase test scores on state standardized tests. This experience will be filled with motivational songs, performers, student engagement, and positive affirmations. 

End of the Year Rally
(High School) 1 Hour  

Theme: “One Step at a Time”


(Geared to the Graduating Senior Class)

Motivational Music Concerts that will challenge students to maximize their full potential. This rally will be filled with student participation, performers, storytelling, and powerful affirmations. 

Student Topics: Character and Values, Confidence, Goal Setting,
Your Why, Self-Discipline, Growth Mindset.

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